she said i was pitta
my constitution fire
that’s why i am heat
and why i’m a liar
my metabolism is wired
for survival in dire
circumstantial chances
of danger
fire is why i am stranger
crazy and lazy
crusher of daisies
fire sustains me
i’m shiva’s son
friends with demons
who danced and laughed
at Lord Buddha’s sermon
i am the sun
before you begun
i am the flame inside your fun

they’re trying to confuse you

i don’t want to lose you
abuse you or use you
so listen..
the main stream media is trying to confuse you
although it may amuse you in a subtle fashion
the media people studied to predict your reactions
the media promote a two party system
or a king or a president
the media tell you who is legally resident

their music is vile
so your body makes bile
dark like the end
ask your friends
do you really like this?
you might be dismissed
from your crowd
drowned out by the loud, allowed sounds
there might be a movement
like rap, an improvement
but soon either ruined
or sent underground
the stars became gangsters
criminal pranksters,
thankless wankers
word-product, disavowed
or the men turned to boys
with makeup and noise
they rap about codeine and being annoyed
about their emotions
being misunderstood
on Xanax and drugs Hollywood

their films follow a structure
that creates culture
of wanting, forever
endevour and treasure,
leisure and pleasure,
aliens, apocalypse
lieing schemes get the girl
get rich quick
their animations and lights
cause epileptic fits
their commercials are rehearsals
for real life terrorisms
exorcisms and witch like culprits
stick or twist?
don’t even trust this
turn off all devices,
meditate, resist


everyone wants a saviour
but nobody voted labour
corbyn could never fix it
spoke his mind on brexit
now they all curse it
i eat fruit and burp it
while you get irate
my lungs inflate
we swim in plenty
my chest empties
i’ve seen poverty
and this isn’t it
take a hit like coventry
missed the queen, shit

march on for your tribe
survive the ride
you can still go inside
say what you see
bruk the tv
and the radio stations
ditch that jewish made porn and masturbation
now we have to stand in this creation

whether accident or design
this world is all mine
and i feel inclined
to spread love
go swimming in mud
smoke and drink bud
all american hero
zero is an invention of man dem
couple ride on a tandem
9 wutang clansmen

the answer is panthers
lions and tigers
not chancers, pylons and mithers
misers sink under the weight
of their pieces of ate
can’t create, just stagnate
wait, catch your breath
this ain’t over yet
the last test is death
you’re still on your quest
don’t forget


stop look and listen
assume the position
boost your immune system
put down your chicken
grease glistens
fix your herbals get on it
raw garlic and turmeric
vits c d and e
in the mornin
black coffee
be intelligent wise
daily exercise
dont listen to the lies
dont despise chinese spies
you cant get proof
no use
so consume fruit juices and ginseng root.

can’t see the exit

it’s a bit like brexit
there is no exit
jim won’t fix it
they won’t risk it

there are people that tell the news
they confuse
but i’m not convinced they are all jews

some of them are
stars in expensive cars
others lurk behind cigar smoke
in expensive bars

there are plots,
sub plots and plots of plots
there are babies that die in cots
there are words you much watch

scanned email
banned females
planned jail
canned kale

i watch it unfold
the price of gold
the stocks are sold

there are answers to our predicament
like meditation and sacraments
but they control that scene
with popes and queens
trantric sex and vaseline
revolutions based on steam
and newer revolutions green
and dollars
pushing down on collars
white and blue
global warming cool

the latest plague infection
cannot stop the resurrection
of our consciousness direction
it appears relentless
but we are not defenseless
promote peace and drop distance.


try to understand
everything is planned
from chumps like trump
to every grain of sand
every virus particle
every clothing article
from sweat shop to Topshop
child labour slavery
online saviour bravery
chip shop cruel fish and gravy

governments are so corrupt
it wouldn’t surprise me if they knew the exact time
volcanoes are due to erupt
it’s becoming more and more obvious
there is a long line of children they’ve fucked
do we really make our own luck?
when we are sold cuts
and told we are too busy to cook
while red squirrels die because the grey stole his nuts
their language is persuasive
the immigrants are invasive
they’re going to steal your homeostasis

liberals squeal about equality
without a shred of humanity
a bigot is a bigot, all encased in vanity
underneath all the laments, the comments
is real distance
and a residual belief in the individual
it’s comical and topical
and just like Meghan all our DNA is tropical
we could overcome any obstacle
if we just weren’t so greedy
needy, weedy and sleazy
soon to be wheezy

there’s panic on the streets
and panic at the disco
panic in London and San
and while there’s trivia
there are bombs in Syria
Iraq and Libya
Umbongo umbongo
they don’t drink it in the Congo
they steal all the wealth, it’s a place you just won’t go
what do YOU know?

there is hope, you can cope.
you’re an amazing, blazing miracle.
how do i know? because I am an oracle!
i’ve been diabolical
but now i’m unstoppable
there’s gold in our souls
dream it, it’s possible

the explanation

the explanation
is that you chase sensations
with no hesitation
there’s no track without stations
no creator without creation
no saving without wasting
or displacer without displacement

in your interior and exterior
there are more bacteria
than human cells
a walking ecosystem
a solid, sticky gel

a brain
where they say your thoughts are contained
the interface
that calculates your fall from grace
one human face
one new man race

it’s all atoms and collisions
one giant tickling decision
right down to the quarks, the sparks
that influence each other across the dark

time ticks by
the fluttering wings of the fly
the memory of that guy
the mystery of I
why does I not want to die?


Believe what you read

Two weeks ago I found some weed

It just appeared.

I thought “this is weird”

I smoked it and got the fear.

As I get older,

And less bolder,

I cant decide if I have bipolar.

The world is colder.

Who is the controller?

Yesterday I had a fit

Are you getting all of this?

Is there something that you missed?

Is this more psychosis?

I was feeling kind of miffed

It’s been so long since I was kissed.

But yesterday…

I found a crucifix.

On the floor.

It definitely isn’t mine.

On the floor near the vacum cleaner.

Jesus, my sweetest redeemer.

It definitely isn’t mine.

And nobody has been round.

Since I last cleaned the ground.

So how does it exist?

Can objects just appear?

Like the weed, this is weird.

But for someone who has always chased the belief.

That he was some kind of holy, chosen chief.

For someone who, since he was seventeen.

Has entertained the idea that he had seen things nobody else has seen.

And been to astral realms where nobody else has been.

Been followed by demons and devils in his dreams.

And thought he knew it all but it turned out to be steam.

That evaporated, leaving hatred and deeds unclean.

For that kind of man, it can.

Still seem like a plan.

That would take infinite lives to understand.

My conclusion is confusing.

It’s my life I’ve been losing.

While forgotten friends are boozing,

Or cruising to the beach.

I’ll be reminiscing over the danger of mania.

When I was crazier.

When everything was in reach.


the number of cases
chases forever
people who are clever
try to make a vaccine
mothers make things clean
chinese old people are not seen

it’s a novel virus
because people eat bats
and snakes and cats
and it’s all raw
blood on the floor
hasn’t all this happened before?

with HIV?
because people eat or fuck or both
when will people see
that our relationship with animals is not healthy
no one ever caught a disease from a tree